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January 8, 2023

Failure To Pay Rent

Failure To Pay Rent in Maryland

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A core service of Baltimore Rent Court Agents

When your tenant fails to pay rent that is due by the due date the landlord may file a Failure To Pay Rent (FTPR) Notice with the District Court.

Filing a failure to pay rent notice in Maryland can be a tedious process for the uninitiated. In most jurisdictions including Baltimore City you cannot file online. This can be the cause of many headaches for a busy landlord. Enter Baltimore Rent Court Agents we take the hassle and headache out of rent recovery. When you file your notice using our service we take care of the entire process from start to finish.

We handle the time consuming details for you including:

  • 10 Day notice of intent to file Failure to pay rent
  • Filling out Failure to pay rent notice
  • Filing the notice with the court
  • Attending court
  • Handling issues that may arise in court

We take care of all the hassle and deal with the headaches of filing a failure to pay rent case while keep you up to date with our redesigned web application.