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We coordinate the entire eviction process from start to finish

Maryland Rent Court Representation & Eviction Services

Our Mission

We simplify the Maryland rent court process for landlords and property managers with intuitive tech, in-depth landlord education and provide hassle-free solutions for all of your delinquency management needs.

How It Works


Enter your property information

Add tenants information

Submit your filing

We handle the hard stuff

What We Do

As Marylands Premier Eviction Specialists we handle the entire eviction process from posting the notices to meeting the sheriff.

Solutions For Landlords & Property Managers

What We Provide

Core solutions for tenancy issues creating an end-to-end delinquency management solution.

Notice Postings
Eviction Filings
Legal Compliance

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal
July 12, 2024.
Very professional knowledgeable and helpful.
Raymond Heavens
Raymond Heavens
July 10, 2024.
Very helpful.
Maria Dellis
Maria Dellis
June 27, 2024.
Pleasantly surprised with the effortless process utilizing BRCA. I was weary of the process to evict a tenant and we finally (albeit after 8 months), secured the home. Thank you all so much.
Mike Caveman
Mike Caveman
June 26, 2024.
They keep me updated all the time. If you’re looking for good legals. you should trust them. Anson and the team5ztar!
Latino Food
Latino Food
June 24, 2024.
Ann Marie was really great with all the information provided
June 19, 2024.
Anson is great, responds quickly, works fast and diligently
Pete Arihcaw
Pete Arihcaw
June 18, 2024.
Anson from the rent court agent knows my case. He knows the alternatives so well.
Tsui-mei Chang
Tsui-mei Chang
June 13, 2024.
Anson answers all my questions very patiently ( I have a lot of questions!). I feel very comfortable having them handle my cases.

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