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FTPR Filing

Our team of experienced agents will file your case with the court and be at trial on the day of court!

Warrant of

Once a judgment is received, we file the warrant of restitution and schedule the eviction with the sheriff.

Eviction Day

We will meet the sheriff at the property to facilitate the eviction.

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Notice Postings

Our team can post official notices on the door or send them via mail for you.

Unlawful Detainers

Suppose you have an unauthorized occupant in your property. You may be eligible for an unlawful detainer action.

Tenant Holding Over

If you have given your tenant a notice to vacate and they have not left, you may be eligible to file a tenant holding over case.

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Rent Escrow Representation

If you are facing a rent escrow complaint, we can assist you through the entire process, including attorney representation.

Breach Of Lease

When your tenant violates the terms of your lease agreement, you can start the process with us

Other Services we offer include:

  • Maryland Rental Assistance filings
  • Coordinating Rental & Lead Inspections
  • Coordination with 3rd party services such as junk removal and locksmiths

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If you need assistance with a particular matter or are not sure what can be done, we are here to assist you. Request your free 15 min consultation today!

  • Jurisdiction of your property
  • A basic overview of the situation
  • The issues you are facing
  • How would we handle the issue?
  • And determine if we can assist you, whether that is getting your property back into compliance or setting up a call with our staff attorney.

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