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Support & Management Team

Anne Marie Aliviado

Client Support Manager

Ann Marie is a dedicated Client Support Specialist who has successfully assisted multiple landlords in BRCA. With a strong commitment to building lasting client relationships, Ann Marie takes pride in providing top-notch service and support. Her satisfaction comes from ensuring that every client receives the high-quality assistance they deserve.
When she’s not helping clients, Ann Marie enjoys indulging in her love for baking and spending time outdoors camping. Her enthusiasm for both her work and hobbies brings a unique blend of warmth and professionalism to everything she does.

Kirill Kondratiyev

Managing Member

Kirill is the managing member of Baltimore Rent Court Agents. When he’s not in the office or at court you can find him staying up to date on the most recent rent court procedures, reading a book, or exploring Baltimore where he lives with his wife and two children.

Anson Pangan

Client Support

Anson is dedicated to assisting landlords with the eviction process, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Passionate about protecting property owners’ investments, he supports landlords through challenging situations, drawing from his experience as a small business owner. He also spearheads journalism events to foster truth so as wide entertainment, and sometimes assists with financial audits for MSMEs, ensuring transparency and accountability.

What Baltimore Rent Court Agents Does for You.

Baltimore Rent Court Agents LLC is your go-to company for Maryland eviction needs. An unfortunate part of being a landlord is handling tenancy issues. This can be a laborious process that could end in disaster if not done correctly.

We handle the Maryland Eviction Process from start to finish, making it simple and easy for you. With our years of experience in the real estate industry, we know what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our services!


Powerful And Secure Technology

  1. Generate and submit filings online through our portal. There is no need to fill out multiple forms on our site each time you need to file.
  2. Our online payment system allows you to pay for multiple filing requests at checkout after you have generated all of your filing requests.


Trusted by hundreds of property managers, landlords, and government agencies in Maryland


Prompt Communication from our experienced staff

  • Case updates and notifications are provided via our automated notification system, meaning as soon as your case is updated in our system, our clients receive an email.
  • Courteous and professional agents who will be at court on your trial date.


Strategic solutions for unique problems.

  • All of the benefits of eFilling equals no time wasted for you in court.
Baltimore Rent Court Agents

We Solve Problems

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What can a Baltimore Rent Court Agent do for you?

How we work

We utilize powerful technology to streamline our business and delinquency management process while keeping your data secure. You register for our app, enter your property and tenant information into the system, select your filing type, and check out. After that, we will keep you updated throughout the eviction process with a client portal and updates along the way.

Evicting a tenant in Baltimore City

Our Approach

We take pride in the value added approach to handling the eviction process, from the initial filing to changing the locks on the door. We will keep you informed the entire way!

Our Story

Baltimore Rent Court Agents was founded in 2018. We were born out of a need to provide transparent rent court services to landlords and property managers in Maryland.

We believe in Transparency.

We strive to provide top-notch communication throughout the entire process, always ensuring you know what is happening at all times!

Investors reviewing their property portfolio


At Baltimore Rent Court Agents, we use powerful technology to streamline our business. Through our system, you can request and pay for services and upload documents, check the status of your case, and see all relevant case information. We are always in the process of refining and updating our portals and strive to provide you with the best services with a quick and easy-to-understand user experience!

Maryland Rent Court- About Us
The cost of working with Baltimore Rent Court Agents

We work with property managers, private landlords, and Attorneys.

Baltimore Rent Court Agents LLC is a full-service rent court agency. We take care of the entire Maryland eviction process for you from start to finish. Our professional and creative approach sets us apart from the competition, and our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you’re always happy with our services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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We handle the eviction process for landlords and property managers, from filling out the paperwork, appearing in court on your behalf, and meeting the Sheriff.

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