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July 19, 2022

Maryland Rent Court Process

The process of eviction as well as the time an eviction takes can vary widely based on where your property is located in. The outline below is a general representation of the process.

10 Day notice of Intent to file

Before filing a Failure To Pay Rent action it is now required to send a Notice of Intent This must be done on an official form from the District Court We will mail or post the notice.

Filing Submitted

14 days after your NOI is sent (the court assumes 3 days for mailing time), if your tenant has not paid the full amount requested, we file the FTPR

Judgment Granted

Our Agents attend the hearing. We may need to contact you on the day of the hearing if there are any questions.

Warrant Filling

After the judgement is granted the tenant has four days to pay the judgement amount plus court costs of $30.00. If they do not pay the warrant is filled. After the warrant is filled we advise all clients to not accept anything less than payment in full.

Eviction notification

Once we have an eviction date from the sheriff or constable we notify your tenant of the pending eviction date

Eviction Day

We will meet the sheriff at your property, provide all the required paperwork and facilitate the eviction.