How Does the Eviction process work in Baltimore City?

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How does the eviction process work in Baltimore City is a question that we are often asked. You’ve come to the right article to answer your question. Below we will explain to you the lengthy process on how to evict a delinquent tenant in Baltimore City.

It is the 5th day of the month and your lease says that the rent is considered late. Now, what do you do?  Landlords with a rental property in Baltimore city can file a complaint with the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City to begin the eviction process.

Phase 1 Baltimore city Eviction Process

consists of filing the complaint for repossession of rented property, with the District Court. This is also called a Failure To Pay Rent (FTPR) form.  You will need a valid Baltimore City Rental License, and if the property was built before 1978 your lead certificate will be required as well. Make sure to fill out the complaint in full as to any missing or incorrect information could invalidate and dismiss the filing. You should also bring the lead certificate, DOD verification, tenant ledger, and rental license paperwork with you so that you can be fully prepared for any questions that the court may have. 

Once the filing is filled out in its entirety you can proceed to the clerk’s office for Baltimore City District Court for payment. They will issue you a court date and time to appear before a Judge to hear your case. The court date is usually a couple of weeks away from the time of your filing so don’t wait to file even if you’ve been in touch with the tenant!  On the date of the hearing you will appear before a Judge in the District Court of Maryland and present your case to the judge. If the judgment is granted you can proceed after the 4-day appeal period to the next phase of the eviction process.

Phase Two Of The Eviction Process

another filing is required with the District Court to notify the Sheriff to proceed to the eviction. This action, called a warrant of restitution, notifies the courts that your tenant has not yet paid rent and you need to proceed to a physical eviction. Once this filing is returned to you signed by the courts you will need to wait at least 10 days before proceeding to contact the sheriff and scheduling the actual date. Once you’ve received the court date you will need to complete the necessary compliance related items like notice posting and mailing a notice to notify the tenant of the upcoming Eviction. 

Phase Three- Meeting The Sheriff

On the day of your eviction, you will need to be able to provide proof of the certified mailing of the eviction date as well as proof that you posted the notice on the door of the property. This is best done with an affidavit of service. Once the sheriff accepts your proof of service he will begin the eviction. After the eviction is completed you will both sign paperwork and you can start the process of getting your property rented!

If you have any questions about evicting a tenant in Baltimore City or would like to work with a professional who can help you get the job done, Baltimore Rent Court Agents is here to help!

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