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What can I expect when starting the eviction process with Baltimore Rent Court Agents?

What can expect when starting the eviction process? 

No need to worry, this article here will guide you through what happens during the eviction process and what you should expect to happen when hiring Baltimore Rent Court Agents to initiate the eviction process.

Baltimore Rent Court Agents specializes in Delinquency Management and rent court agent services for small and large portfolios. We strive to lower your portfolio’s delinquency rate and making sure your tenants do not fall behind on payments. Our agents are very knowledgeable in Maryland Tenant/ Landlord Law and know the best and quickest tactics to assure minimal economic vacancy loss. We understand how a delinquent tenant can put a financial strain on a landlord, and we work hard to prevent such scenarios from occurring. Below is what you will expect to happen when you request Baltimore Rent Court Agents to start the eviction process on your behalf.

Upon contacting our office, you will be greeted by one of our friendly rent court agents, or you can sign up for our portal here. We will ask a series of questions based on your situation to assure prompt resolution to your request. 

What can I expect when starting the eviction process?

The first action to be filed in the jurisdiction of where the property is located with the local Maryland District Court is the Failure to Pay Rent – Landlord’s Complaint about Repossession of Rented Property Real Property Action. This filing with the District Court is the first step in the eviction process because we handle a large number of filings. The court dates and case numbers are mailed to us so we can process them. 

Once the courts receive the filing, they notify the tenant by sending a Sheriff out to post the complaint on the address listed on the filing and mailing a notice to the address. The notice explains to the tenant that they have not satisfied their rent and are requested to appear in court before a judge on a date scheduled by the court. 

On the court date, our agent arrives at the district court and check in with the Clerk on your behalf. Once court begins, the Clerk of the court calls out failure to pay rent actions. When your address is called, our agents approach the Judge and present the case to the courts on behalf of the landlord. During this time, the Judge will ask our agents the following questions. 

Starting The Eviction Process- Questions

Is Rent Due? And How Much Rent is Due?

If the tenant fails to show for court on the date of the trial, an automatic judgment for possession is granted on behalf of the landlord and allows for step 2 of the eviction process. If the tenant(s) is/are present, the Judge asks the following questions.

Do you agree with what the landlord is claiming?

If the tenant agrees that they have yet to satisfy the rent payment, judgment is entered for possession of the property. This judgment allows us to proceed to the next step of the eviction process. If the tenant disputes the rent amount, our agents will conduct mediation with the tenant at the courthouse and try and figure out why they are disputing that rent is due. If mediation fails, we will notify the Judge that we need to proceed to hearing. The Judge will call the case and swear in both parties to hear testimony. Our agents will inform the Judge of the current lease agreement and the obligation due by the tenant. After that, the Judge will hear the tenant’s side on why they are disputing that rent is due. If no issues relating to health and safety concerns arise from the tenant’s testimony and all your required compliance is in order, judgment should be granted for possession in any other instance. In the event, the Judge finds the tenant has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there is an issue as to why they have not paid rent, the case could be dismissed. 

We understand that starting the eviction process can be a difficult but necessary part of being a landlord and we are here to help you. Get in touch with us or schedule your free consultation today!