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November 18, 2020

Warrant of Restitution- Maryland Evictions

Warrant of Restitution- Maryland Evictions

The eviction process in Maryland can be a long one but with proper planning and a thorough understanding of the process you can greatly reduce stress and wasted time!

What is a Warrant of Restitution?

Warrant of Restitution- Maryland evictions
Warrant of Restitution Form DC-CV-081

After a Judgement is granted in the landlord’s favor in the Failure To Pay Rent case the court will order the tenant to vacate the property within four days. If the tenant has not moved out within four days we need to file the warrant. This is the second step in the eviction process and the first step towards the removal of the tenant from the property. The warrant directs the sheriff to allow the landlord to take possession of the property.

When Can I File The Warrant?

We file the warrant after the appeal period is over. This is always four days after you have received a judgment in your initial FTPR filing

5 Tips For Landlords On Your Eviction Day In Maryland

1.) Be Early- The sheriff will not wait for you.

2.) Do not enter the premises even if you know the property is vacant.

3.)Do not attempt to speak with the tenant before the sheriff arrives.

4.) Only accept full payments from the tenant.

5.) Remember this is an emotional situation for both you and the tenant so keep your cool!